Reaching out to the Lonely, FORGOTTEN Elderly

A non-profit corporation founded and incorporated to bring together teams of born again Christian lay persons from churches of like faith, to reach out to the community and take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the forgotten elderly.

OUR GOAL: We at Forgotten Treasure believe that the body of Christ should not be separated by denominational barriers; but should unite in their efforts to reach the lost. Our corporate charter states, we are a church, however, we do not have a church building or a congregation and we are totally dependent on donations and gifts of individuals, churches and organizations working with us in our outreach to the elderly.

OUR OBJECTIVE: Is to send the word of God, and the message Jesus loves them and He died for them, and wants them to make Heaven their home with Him for all eternity. Forgotten Treasures by its very nature and dedication is a service arm to the body of Christ. Our position is scriptural in that we support churches and their pastors, also encourage their members to be active in their home church, and believe the tithe belongs in the local church. We seek the building and advancement of the kingdom of God. We endeavor to edify, comfort, and exhort the lay person to develop ministry skills in serving others, and at the same time receive a better self-image. To teach people, that anyone can do this ministry and encourage volunteers to assist in this out-reach.


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