Reaching out to the Lonely, FORGOTTEN Elderly

Here Francis love's on a resident of a care center. Marilyn plays piano from the Sonshine Songbook in the background.Francis Duty was a priceless volunteer in the Forgotten Treasures family.

She recently went home to the Lord to receive her reward.

She played piano for song services. She purchased and donated a beautiful flannel graph visual aid to help elderly residents understand the Gospel message.

Shirley ministers the love of Jesus to a resident.Shirley Johnson is a wonderful servant of the Lord. Among other things, she plays the piano for song services.

Roland greets one of the dear residents attending a Forgotten Treasures church service at her nursing home.Roland Schlichenmayer is one of the key persons in the Forgotten Treasures ministry. He has been with us over ten years and is on our board of directors.

Roland is now eighty years old and still on fire for the Lord ministering to the elderly. There are literally hundreds of care centers in Colorado and in one year, Roland performed 327 church services in a number of these homes.

Pastor Marty and wife Betty serve communionPastor Marty and wife Betty serve communion.

Pastor Marty has been serving with us for many years Preaching and bringing the worship of communion to the Forgotten Elderly.

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