Summer Newsletter -  2005
Reaching Out To The Lonely Elderly

June 16th 2005

Dear Friends of the Elderly,

We want to thank you on behalf of nursing homes residents across Metro-Denver who receive visits, music, bible studies, pet visits, and church services by Forgotten Treasure volunteers on a regular basis.  Nursing homes can be a very lonely place even though staff does a good job taking care of their physical needs.  After services we shake hands and greet personally every last one who comes to church.  They thank us over and over for coming and say please come back.  Those who are unable to speak tell us with warm smiles, as well as their eyes expressing thanks for coming.  As Christians we know virtue does flow out to those we touch with the love of Jesus.

Of course our main concern is where they will spend eternity.  Some are unsure, even if they have gone to church all their life and we want to minister to those who squeak through the cracks.  The music and the word brings hope, comfort, and restores the joy of their salvation, not to mention the joy volunteers receive for blessing the least of these, as they have done it unto the Lord.

Most recently a Jewish lady prayed with us to receive Christ.  I met her neighbor who comes to visit often and she of course had witnessed to her and prepared her heart for some time. You know it was a thrill for us to pick the fruit another had seeded and watered.  The kingdom of God is awesome!

Volunteers are always needed to maintain the homes we are in, also many other homes need services too.  We have lost volunteers recently due to moving, circumstances change etc.  Roland is kept pretty busy at these times .FT was invited to a Ministry Fair at Bear Valley church to have a booth.  This brought 6 new servants to nursing homes for which we are very thankful.

When I have time I do some tele-marketing to churches in close proximity to nursing homes, asking if they have an outreach to the elderly, if not, offering to train anyone interested if they will announce in the bulletin about us.  We also get response from this method as well.

Once again thank you for your faithfulness to us with your prayers and gifts.  “Every good gift, every perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights.”  James 1:17.  You are such an encouragement and blessing to us.

In His Service
J.W. & Marilyn

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