FALL Newsletter - September 2005
Reaching Out To The Lonely Elderly

Hello Friends,

Summer has come and gone so quickly filled with lots of visits from friends, family and most recently God Cares nursing home ministry founders directors Chaplain Bill and Marianne Goodrich from Avon Lake Ohio. They were in Colo. for a conference at Focus On The Family headquarters. They stopped by to pray for J.W., Roland , Marilyn, and Forgotten Treasures Ministry. Bill is also on the board of Sonshine Society in Lynnewood, WA. Where we purchase our resource materials for the ministry.

F.T. received a gift of a console keyboard from long time friends and supporters Steve and Diane Johnson.  Daughter Jeannie up-graded to high tech new one, does not need this one anymore. We are putting it to good use in the ministry.  Thank you and blessings to you and your family.

Welcome back to Al Grohe from Ukraine where he spent the summer teaching English at a university. Retired professor from Arapahoe college, bible teacher, singer and many talented gifts he gives to the Lord will be doing the service 2 Saturdays a month with pianist Cynthia Martin.

Cynthia and her little boy Sam (Sam Sings so well and residents love him) along with bible teacher Dick Chapman, his wife Marilyn (from Our Father Lutheran Church) song leader John Van Andel, wife Shirley (from Grace Chapel) have been blessing residents 1st Sunday 1:30pm every month at Epoch Assisted Living home. We love you committed volunteers.

Welcome back to Patty Frieze marvelous one on one friend and missionary to several ladies in Cherry Park, Canterbury Inn, Spearly Center homes. She took hospice training and did serve hospice for a while along with her nursing home friends. The cell group that meets once a month at Al and Deanne Mondagon’s home is looking for ward to Patty training them in her expertise and experience. Patty is a very gifted creative writer has beautiful expression and understanding of spiritual truths and is able to captivate the reader with her stories of life in a nursing home. I should say stories of lives in a nursing home. Come and find out what a QChord is about!

Gil – Comes faithfully every week. He now has difficulty breathing and cannot come as much. He can’t sing because of shortness of breath but will lift his hand in Praise. I can tell he is blessed.

Garrett—Faithfully comes every week, mostly naps during the service but when he is awake he sings!

Noell—Sweet lady who loves to hug, her hands shake, she loves to sing and talk.  She and Micheal hold hands.

Micheal—Sits with Noell, he also started lifting his hand in praise when he sings.

Virginia—A sweet lady who smiles a lot with a tooth missing. She sings when there is no music.

Fleeta—Has beautiful white hair and loves to sing Jesus Loves Me” even when there is no music and no one else is singing. The residents get upset when she does this, so I join in and sing “Jesus Loves Me”, then they all start singing too!! I am blessed every visit—Lillie Morales 2nd 4th Sat.

Zuva Paches serves the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sat is a blessing to all the residents as she is blessed.

Zuva has a friend at Meridian we are trying to get to come to church, pray for M-----e.

J.W. is still ministering over the phone and writing letters, sending out our music CDs and answering e-mails from our new website. He has led many visitors to the Lord this summer. He is still in need of a miracle to heal his lungs. Believe with us.

God gives us new hope every day and the peace of God that truly passes all understanding, we love you all.

J.W., Marilyn, and Roland
Co-Founders Pastors
P.O. Box 140475  Edgewater, CO  80214
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