In Memory of 
Forgotten Treasures'
Co-Founder, J.W. Thomas


by J.W. Thomas -  January 23rd, 2005


One night as I slept, I had a dream

I was walking down streets of gold

As I strolled along, scenes of great splender

Did before me unfold

It was a city… So beautiful, like I’d never seen

Unfolding before me that day

It was the city that Jesus said he would prepare

For you and for me to stay

He made it just perfect, like He said he would

No imperfection can be found there

You can’t even imagine what I saw

Theres no beauty like there, anywhere

There are mansions just gleaming

In that spactular wonderful place

To get your name on a mail box

Just come and partake of Jesus’ everlasting saving grace


Just inside the gate, friends and family do wait

Oh, the things they will want you to see

And the joy you will find in this heavenly place

As you meet Jesus, face to face

He’ll welcome you in, say, “I want you to stay

Your mansion is just round the bend”

He’s created it… with walls of pure gold

And he’s built it right next to your friends’

Then he said, “Go on back and tell others what you saw

In this city of gold prepared over here

If they believe on my Word, accept  me as Lord

They’ll spend eternity with Me without fear

Then I awoke from my dream

What a privlidge I’d had

Looking out through time and space
One day I’ll go back and be with Jesus
 In this wonderful, wonderful place



In Loving Memory of

James William Thomas II

Entered into Life

Entered Eternal Life

June 3, 1935

November 5, 2005

Oil City, Pennsylvania

Aurora, Colorado


Memorial Services

Orchard Road Christian Center

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Eleven-thirty a.m.


Officiant: Pastor Hugh Fells  /  Orchard Road Christian Center


Order Of Service:

OPENING PRAYER:                                                                 Pastor Wally Hickey

SCRIPTURE READING:    Grant Wayne Bacon - Psalms 127:3-5  /  II Timothy 4:7-8

SONG:                                 “Beyond The Sunset” - Pastor Roland Schlichenmayer


                                                                    Pastor Freda McClear – ORCC Missions

                            Andrew Kaminski – Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellwoship, Intl.

                                            Jack Hightower – Board Member, Forgotten Treasures

SONG:                                                     “The Lord’s Prayer” – Craig Alan Thomas


READING: “How To Lead Another Person To The Lord” by Jim Thomas,
                                                            - read by his son James William Thomas III

MESSAGE:                                                                                   Pastor Hugh Fells

SONG and MEDIA PRESENTATION:     introduction by Theodore Blaine Thomas




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