Reaching out to the Lonely, FORGOTTEN Elderly


     On March 11th 2004 our dear friend and co-laborer Francis, was called home to heaven.  A great loss to us and her team leader Pastor Roland.


Pastor Roland

     (Francis fondly called Roland her “Grampa”).

Francis and "Grampa" worked together using Flannel-Graph to the delight of the residents and staff in several nursing homes.    

Flannel-graph was used as a visual in Sunday school years ago, now it is making a comeback in nursing homes. We are using this flannel-graph in nursing homes with rave reviews from residents.  The bright colored characters with dialog helps them remember the message also tweaks sweet memories of their youth. The response of residents and staff is so exciting, asking when are you doing this again?

     Francis’ desired that the "Ministry" she loved so much, would continue. She made sure that the huge flannel-graph set, including stands, materials and instruction books were given to F.T. in her memory.  

Larry & Donna using Fannel-Graph
Larry & Donna using F
  Donna using Fannel-Graph
"Donna using F
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